About My Art



The majority of my works depict subjects in metaphysical scenes and dreamlike states of shifted perception. Themes of tricky human mind, one’s connection with nature and supernatural, vulnerability to the mysterious forces, mythology and biology have always been intriguing to me. This obsession combined with personal esoteric experiences led me to create illusory images that visualise my ideas of subtle world filled with phenomenal interconnections and repetitions. Each piece I paint tells a fairytale based on a true story and gives breath to new concepts that I transfer to my next canvases.


Bold and vibrant, this Russian artist captures moments within her character’s lives as if peeking through a looking glass, leaving you wanting to experience more.


Tanya Shatseva is a traditional artist, born in Russia in 1990. Currently resides in Saint Petersburg creating acrylic paintings and illustrations in the genre of pop surrealism.
As a child Tanya has been moving all around the country with her family wich caused a borderline mental state, the feel of alienation and endless freedom. She grew up in the environment of intellectual values, interest to esotericism and love to nature. Despite her passion to relieve emotional tension by drawing Tanya has never considered choosing art as a career. She was constantly exploring the precious world and her own boundaries, collecting knowledge and experiences. Tanya has been modeling internationally, performed as a show-girl in Turkey and US, practiced Buddhism in Korean temple, studied foreign languages and eventually got the clear awareness of her destiny. In 2010 she took the path of a full-time freelance self-educated painter, developed a unique style and gained a widebroad audience through social media. Now her works are shown in various galleries and held in private collections around the world.