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In my acrylic works I seek to interweave themes of tricky human perception, one’s connection with a subtle world and yet vulnerability before the unknown. I paint upon personal esoteric experiences, continuous analysis and current influences. Existing in a beautiful borderline world my characters are melted with the dreamy surrounding imageries and nature. Real and surreal merge here: opposites unite, vibrant and sparkling flows into dark and misty, sexual and sinister twists with spiritual and loving. Human mind is the demiurge for never-ending illusions and all the same victim of mysterious forces. Each piece I create gives breath to new ideas and answers that I transfer to my next canvases. One by one, they lead me to explore the unknown.



Tanya Shatseva is a traditional acrylic surrealist, born in Russia in 1990.
As a child Tanya has been moving around the country with her family a lot. It caused a borderline state and feeling detachment from everywhere but also freedom. She grew up being cared by a wise black cat and getting increasingly curious about the world and the human mind. Her enthusiasm for life mixed with deep love for beauty and with rage to relieve emotional tension and express herself. She was drawing all the time. However, instead of getting education in art she continued to explore the precious world and collect experiences.Tanya has been modeling internationally, performed as a show-girl in Turkey, was a stripper in US, learned Buddhism in Korean temple, got interpreter degree, was hopelessly in love with a girl, started a novel, suffocated in public, went into meditation and breathing practices.
In 2010 she met a true love and became a full time freelance self-educated painter. Now her works are held in private collections around the world in a number of cities across US, Canada, UK, Europe and Russia. She feels a huge enthusiasm to go further, to improve her skills, to discover new things and to tell her story.


Across her portfolio, her use of colour flows freely celebrating a love for life and welcoming you wholly into her world. Bold and vibrant, this Russian artist captures moments within her character’s lives as if peeking through a looking glass, leaving you wanting to experience more.

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Paintings are held in private collections in Russia, United States, Germany, Netherlands, France, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and other.